Michael Bay Shitting on the TMNT

18 Mar

I have already gone to great lengths about my imagining of the Michael Bay incarnation of the turtles.  Now, we have further information about what unsightly thing Michael Bay intends to do.

AKA -> Michael Bay is shitting on the ninja turtles.  According to CBR and a video of Michael Bay briefly describing the future film, the turtles will be from “an alien race.”  This sort of defeats the purpose of the turtles being special due to their mutation.  Is Splinter also going to be from an alien race?  How do the turtles become ninjas if ninjas don’t necessarily exist on other planets?  DOES EVERYTHING MICHAEL BAY DO COME FROM AN ALIEN RACE!?  Is Michael Bay handicapped in some significant way even if it’s just a pinky that doesn’t work?  Is there any explanation as to why Michael Bay is so fucking stupid!?  There is so much wrong with this.  Let’s headbutt Michael Bay into an infinity time stream where he will go crazy from no physical contact with the outside world.  Alone and abandoned.

Time to go watch Transformers and shave my legs with a cheese grater…


One Response to “Michael Bay Shitting on the TMNT”

  1. Ink Smith March 19, 2012 at 6:13 PM #

    I say we plan his assassination NOW. 😐

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