Writing Challenge #37: Favorite Store

16 Mar

The one store that I go to consistently about twice a month is the comic book store.  Specifically, I go to Atomic Comics in Tacoma.  Shane and Ashley provide the best service and get to hear me rant about the representations of women in comics.  They have always been there eager to help on all of my essays that I’ve written.  Tracking down Kevin Keller or other comics for me is something they have become a pro at.  Shane’s even let me borrow a trade so I could read it to see if it fit into an essay I was planning.  I didn’t end up using it, but it was great gesture.

Comic Book shops are a place where I feel at home and have a sense of community.  Atomic Comics provides that, and they encourage everyone to come in.  Getting women into comic shops is quite a feat, but they try very hard to appeal to everyone.  They also don’t specifically focus on superheroes with many trades and series from alternative or independent sources.  In addition, they have plenty of kid-friendly comics available.  It’s a great store, and I’ll be sad to see it go when I move away from Tacoma.


For the whole WRITING CHALLENGE, check out the link!


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