Writing Challenge #36: Fantasy

15 Mar

Something I fantasize about:

This is clearly an easy one.  I would like if some of my obsessions were real.  Like, what if I had superpower?  What if I was a world class martial artist?  What if I had thirty warts that secreted acid on one of my hands?

But, the one I most often clearly ask is what if Pokémon were real?  I have already written a long time ago about my perfect Pokémon date, but it would be so neat if I could – like above – walk around with my Absol.  I probably wouldn’t battle Pokémon, but keep them around for their companionship.  Actually, I’d probably battle them because I want to be the best trainer EVER.  Sure, it would be organized cock fighting, but at least I’d be able to give them potions and PP Up and have them hold a lucky egg.

More than likely, I’d go along the Pokémon Snap route and take pictures of the critters and have Professor Oak rate them for me.  IT WILL BE GRAND.

However, Sabretooth might get jealous…


The end is drawing near!  Check out all of the WRITING CHALLENGE up to now by clicking the link.


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