Writing Challenge #35: My Future Goals

14 Mar

The prompt for this post just makes me feel queasy recalling my Letter of Intent for the three Grad Schools I applied for.

Here’s the deal: I have two concurrent, parallel goals.  The first is to possibly break into the comic business as an editor.  I feel like I could make a lot of difference from the inside in concordance with the outside.  However, you have to put up with a lot of bullshit to get there.  I know I would probably be faced with the decision to let some sexist cheesecake art/writing slide in order to hit a deadline.  That’s upsetting.  So I think independent comics or smaller publishers is the way to go.  However, there’s not much money out there as an editor.  So, I can’t really aim for much.

The second is to teach comics as a profession.  This goal is a variation of the standard “I’m going to teach people how to do comics or about comics.”  Sure, it’s necessary to know about comics in order to learn about them, but I want students to engage in them, study them, critique them in a similar way as you would a film.  Comic books are a growing medium with even greater scholarly attention than before and should thus be given dutiful attention.  When 75% of Big Two comics don’t have female-leads, you know you have a problem needing attention.

There are a growing number of scholars specializing in comics, and I want to be among them with film as a fallback.

To teach and be a scholar versus actually working in the business?  Both attempt to reach comics and change in different ways, and I think I’ll be happy with either.  Though, I’m kind of leaning towards teaching.  It would be fun to spread my knowledge to others and watch them learn.


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