Writing Challenge #34: Habits

13 Mar

3 habits I have:

1.) Picking my nose

THIS IS A REALLY BAD PROBLEM.  Like, I think my nose is changing shape because this is so bad.  Like, I get bloody noses a lot.  Yeah.  It sucks, and I can stop for a couple of torturous days, then I start all over again.

2.) Popping my knuckles

This is another bad habit.  Turns out that with a little bit of research, this does not lead to arthritis.  Just a bit of tissue damage… no biggie.  I feel like this might annoy people in class, but I just do it out of habit without noticing.  Just *pop*pop*pop* and what not.

3.) Chewing on the sides of my fingers

I used to bite my nails up until 8th grade.  I got over this by painting my nails black and refusing to nibble on them.  What I do instead is chew on the skin on the sides of the nail.  It gives me something to play around with in my mouth.  The best time to do this is right after clipping my nails.  It’s great.


For even more interesting things about me and my life, stalkers, check out the WRITING CHALLENGE.


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