Writing Challenge #32: Work

11 Mar

Where I work:

Lucky for me, I have three jobs.  One of which is a volunteer job at The Grand Cinema, but it’s so fun I don’t really count it as much of a job.

The job that I’ve had for 4 school years and two Summers has been working at CHWS (Counseling, Health, and Wellness Services) on campus as a work-study job.  Basically, I’m a secretary – making appointments, checking in appointments, pulling charts, etc.  IT IS LOADS OF FUN!  Sometimes, I can’t even control myself it’s so much fun.  Like, watching peanut butter come off of a knife only through the sheer will of gravity fun.  It’s probably the least rewarding and most frustrating job there is.  Then again, I met Selena through the job… so, there ya go.

My other job is working as a course assistant for a freshmen level film course.  Basically, I just help them out with presentations and papers.  Mostly, I just sit around during my office hours and do homework or take a gander at the interwebs…

So… nothing extraordinary in my life in terms of my occupation outside of being a student.



Come gather around and check out the full WRITING CHALLENGE.


3 Responses to “Writing Challenge #32: Work”

  1. Tanguyenable March 11, 2012 at 2:30 PM #

    No wonder why unemployment rates are up! You’re taking over all the jobs. You not only have two but three! 😀


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