Writing Challenge #31: Embarrassing Moment

10 Mar

An Embarrassing Moment:

As my family an attest, it takes a lot to embarrass me.  It’s also really hard to tease me – unless you start taking low (or high) jabs at my receding hairline.

Therefore, I don’t really have any embarrassing moments that stick out in my head… anything aside from farting loudly in front of people by accident or slipping and falling.  These things can normally be shrugged off.

The one moment that I thought of isn’t that embarrassing overall, but I feel like a lot of people can relate.

One time I was bowling with my family.  You remember those track pants that had the snap buttons along the side so you could somehow get out of them faster?  They made absolutely no sense and were totally late 90s/early millennium style shit.  Well, I was naturally wearing them this bowling day.  As I was picking up my ball, my uncle came from behind me and ripped at my pants so all of the snap buttons snapped off and I was left with fabric dangling from my waist.  It wasn’t as bad as getting pants, but I was upset and embarrassed.

I’m sure many other people have that same or similar experience of getting pants or something of the sort.  So, there you go.


For the full WRITING CHALLENGE, take a gander at the link.

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