Writing Challenge #30: Worrying

9 Mar

Something I’m worried about:

Well, I just – as in 30 seconds ago – got a message from Utah to call them back about my scholarships/grants/DO I HAVE ANY(?).

So, my worries are the whole transitioning to Grad School thing.  I have yet to make my decision between the University of Utah or Syracuse University.  I do not feel like I’m prepared to move again.  I have so much shit.  I’m worried that I won’t be able to find a house that will let me have Sabretooth.  I’m worried that I may not be prepared for Grad School.  Will I find the right program?

Overall, Grad School is on my mind.

Possibly the biggest worry?  WILL I BE ABLE TO GET ALL OF THE COMICS OFF MY PULL LIST?  Will I miss issues?  Will I find a comic shop just as good as Atomic Comics in Tacoma?  I HAVE NO IDEA.

Truly, that’s not the biggest worry but the funniest.


For the entirety of the WRITING CHALLENGE, peruse on over the link.


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