Writing Challenge #29: Lies

8 Mar

One thing I’ve lied about:

When I was heading into 8th grade, my family moved from Oregon City (in the Portland area) to Bend/Redmond/Tumalo (we were sort of in the middle of all three).  Therefore, I had to make new friends.

Many people’s first reaction to me was thinking I was the shaggy-haired new kid who probably did a lot of drugs.  In fact, I had never done drugs, but everyone thought I was cool.  I had many ladies vying for my attention and what not.

They knew I was into music so I ended up playing my guitar a lot.  Well, one story that I made up to sound cooler went something along the lines like this:

I was back in Clackamas at the Guitar Center where my friends John Johnson and I were playing some guitar amps really loud.  Eventually we smelled burning.  WE HAD ROCKED SO HARD THAT THE AMP STARTED SMOKING.  That’s how cool we were.  So, we ran out of Guitar Center never to return.

The problem with this story goes like this:

  1. I never hung out with John Johnson outside of school
  2. Guitar Center would never let you play a guitar that loud
  3. Amps do not smoke that easily

Nevertheless, people thought I was badass!  I can’t believe some of them believed the story!  Overall, it’s one of my better and more ridiculous lies I’ve ever done.  But, hey, I lie a lot.


Dig deep into my life by following the link to the WRITING CHALLENGE.


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