Writing Challenge #28: My Pets

7 Mar

My Pets:


SERIOUSLY!  I have been looking for this picture for an hour and a half.  THROUGH ALL OF  MY FILES.  I’m pretty sure it was on facebook, but now I can’t find it.

So, instead you get another photo of me and Sabretooth:

Sabre is the shining joy in my life even if half the time she’s a total nuisance.  Right now she’s sleeping on the chair in front of me.  She means the world to me, and I will have to find housing that accepts pets when I move in a few months.

And here’s a picture of me and one of our dogs, Ringo:

Ringo injected new life into Sammy when we got him.  He’s a beagle/terrier mix with a lot of energy.  He likes to chase deer.

Who’s missing?

My childhood cat Bandit who is rocking on like 15 years or something in all of her fat glory.

My childhood dog Sammy who’s rocking on something around 11 years in all of his chihuahua/terrier glory.

And the newest addition to the family pets (Sabretooth’s the newest addition overall), Setsuna.

The picture I’m looking for has me with Setsuna and Bandit.  I still need to find one of Sammy.

If I find future pictures of them, I will add them.



Here’s a picture of Sammy and Ringo with their shock collars on (we live on about 3 acres in the boonies):

And, as Lillian pointed out, I embarrassingly forgot our other cat Gizmo.  Who’s gigantic and just kind of loafs around the house without getting pet that much.



Lillian spammed my facebook wall with pictures of our pets.  I will only include the ones that are currently living.

Above is me with two of our cats a couple of summers ago.  The one on the left (the tortie) is Setsuna.  My Dad and I went to the Bend Humane Society to play with the pets, and he ended up getting Suna.  My mother was angry.  It has now become their favorite cat ever.

On the right is my childhood cat Bandit.  She’s the sweetest thing ever, and has probably seen me cry more than any other pet we’ve owned.

I’ve never been particularly attached to Gizmo mostly because he just goes and does his own thing, but he’s a good cat.  He’s huge, too.  His name comes from ‘Gizmo’ in the Gremlins movies.  We’ve alternated between giving names to our pets.  Lillian usually gets the final rule, but I named him.


For the entire WRITING CHALLENGE, ponder the link.


5 Responses to “Writing Challenge #28: My Pets”

  1. xanpluto March 8, 2012 at 12:41 AM #

    You forgot Gizmo, I’m kinda pissed…

    • MechanisticMoth March 8, 2012 at 9:53 AM #

      Oh shit… I just don’t have much contact with that cat.


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