Writing Challenge #26: Annoying Things

5 Mar

3 Things That Annoy Me:

Once again, I need to direct viewers of this blog to our sister blog 1000 Things We Hate.  So far, you can find 230 things out of a 1000 that annoy, piss off, and/or make me vomit.

But, for the purposes of viewers of this site, here’s some things that annoy me that I may write about later on 1000 Things We Hate.

1.) Gum on the sidewalk

Nice pathways should continue to look nice.  Use the foil or paper wrapper that came with your gum to store it until you can find a trash bin.  Plus, no one likes getting fresh gum on their shoes.  I seriously think gum should just be banned outright – you look stupid chewing it and it doesn’t last for nearly as long as you’d like it to.  For more on gum, you can check out a guest post on 1000 Things We Hate.

2.) Rabies

Because ‘Cujo’ taught me all I needed to know about rabies with its crazy accurate depiction of a dog gone mad… it’s bad.

3.) Slabs of Meat

Meat just kind of grosses me out.  I eat it and everything, but I don’t like seeing it uncooked.  It makes me think about how that’s what the inside of me looks like.  Then I go and throw up into a bathtub holding a sparkler memorializing my fallen meat brethren.


For more on the WRITING CHALLENGE, follow the glorious link!


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