Writing Challenge #25: A Confession

4 Mar

A Confession:

Well, this one’s rather strange since my big post a couple of weeks ago with my unveiling of my suicide attempt and how friends, family, and comics helped me recover.

So, I figured I would do a couple of things that are funny.

I have only written one piece of fan fiction in my life and it was based in the world of Diablo II. It followed the the adventures of a paladin aiming to kill a demon with the angel Azrael interjecting every now and again.  It was sort of based out of the books that were written inside the universe of Diablo that I obsessed over.  I learned what the word ‘macabre’ meant (even though I pronounced it “muh-cah-bray”).  I also got really frustrated with Word saying that ‘rejuvenation’ wasn’t a word.

Anyway, this was my creative writing masterpiece clocking in at about 16 pages single-spaced.  My poor mother had to read it piece by piece and give me encouragement despite having no idea what it meant and all of the grammatical errors.

Oh well, I gave it a shot, and it was beneficial for getting me to write more.

In 1st grade, two tragic things happened:

1.) I peed my pants in front of everyone in the classroom.  The teacher wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom so, I decided to just go for it in my pants.  I cried a lot, she scolded me while in surprise, my dad had to bring new pants for me, it was awful.

2.) One time I farted really loud and blamed it on my friend.

Well, I think three things is a decent confession.  I know we’ve all been there with some of these, but now you know that I have too.


For the entire WRITING CHALLENGE, shimmy on over to the link.


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