Writing Challenge #23: Relationship with Parents

2 Mar

My relationship with my parents:

Well, I rather foolishly wrote about how much I love my parents yesterday for people I love without looking at what today’s prompt was.

So, I feel stupid.  But!  That’s okay.

Because my relationship with my parents is great!  We skype or talk on the phone every week or two.  Typically, I alternate between which parent I call knowing that they’ll report back to the other one how I was doing.

When I got accepted into Syracuse (and to a lesser extent University of Utah because the initial thrill was gone), I called each of my parents before I tweeted.  I left both of them messages since they were at work.  My dad called me back and was like “It was so surprising and great that you had excitement in your voice!”  Why?  Because I have an incredibly monotone voice.

So, yeah, that my further elaborate my relationship with my parents.


For the full WRITING CHALLENGE, click on over to the link!


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