Writing Challenge #22: Someone I Love

1 Mar

Some people I love:

Okay, this one’s way too specific.  I love a select few people particularly my sister, Selena, and Aaron along with my other friends.

But, I’ve got to give this one to my parents because I feel like they don’t hear it enough.  Though, I did talk about them in my overcoming suicide post.

My parents are pretty neat.  They’ve been married for a quarter of a century and have known each other for even longer.  They’re each other’s best friend.  They’re also quite cute going geocaching together (like in the picture above) or currently taking dance lessons.  Sometimes they just decide that they’ll pick on each other for an entire day.  So, I recall my dad driving and my mom was taking a drink of water and he slammed on the breaks so she would spill it on herself – true love at its finest.

One time I tried to convince my mom that I was pregnant… it worked for about half a second until she realized that I’m a man.

When I was growing up, my mom always got frustrated at me for writing things about my dad for school projects.  It was a valid frustration, I suppose.  As I grew older, I tried to even it out more.

My dad and I went camping and did Boy Scouts together.

My mom taught me how to paper maché.

My dad always encouraged me to go hunting for critters which fostered my love for frogs.

One time, we were camping and I was searching for frogs at the ripe young age of about 10.  I ended up walking away from where my parents were and was gone for half an hour to an hour.  They ended up calling the police fearing something bad had happened to me, only to have me walk right up to them in all of the chaos and ask what was going on.  They hugged me with frustrated relief.

They always supplied us with candy and even had a special drawer for it when we were camping in the motorhome.

They have artwork from Lillian and I hanging up in our living room.

Best of all, they have never told me what to do in life.  They’ve always known that I will find my way and  encouraged me.  I am so grateful for that because studying comics for a living is a crazy idea.  They know it’s going to cost money, but that doesn’t deter them.  They want a better life for me and Lillian than what they had, and they have provided it in so many ways and beyond.  I love them more than anyone in the world… if love could be measured, that is.  I feel everyday that I’m the luckiest son.

Even when I’m slightly ignoring them while they droll on over the phone…


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