Writing Challenge #21: Someone I Miss:

29 Feb

Someone I miss:

This one is rather difficult because I can’t narrow it down to one individual person.  I miss my friends from high school since we were such a tight-knit group.  In fact, I had a dream where I discovered a handful of them lived near my school for 3+ years without telling me.  So, I went to their house and sheepishly threw eggs at it.

I still go through periods where I’ll call one of them.  Though, it’s frustrating that most of them never take the initiative and call me.  It would just be nice if someone called and said hello.  I’d like to hear your voice rather than read the words/pixels you have typed or punched in on your phone.  It seems like I’m the only person that makes the effort, and it would be nice to have that be reciprocated.

So, I guess rather than missing someone, I just miss communication from all of my friends.  Communication that beats the computer or the phone or the phonecomputer.  A voice is a powerful thing, and I’d like to hear yours.


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