Writing Challenge #19: Happy Things

27 Feb

3 Things that make me happy:

Hmmm, this may be a difficult one since I spend so much time thinking about things that anger me.  I’m going to list some of the ones that first came to my head but aren’t going to be officially included because you should already know this about me: Pokémon, Sabretooth, Breathe Owl Breathe, Comics Books, Custom Artwork, Ninja Turtles, and daffodils

1.) Raspberry Mambas

I have gone through my trials of candy loving.  From peach rings to peach rings to peach rings, Raspberry Mambas overtook my world.  I still have two packets left that I’ve been saving for almost a year.  The genius thing about Mambas is that there are four flavors, but only three come in a package.  So, you may not get raspberry on your first go-through.  Then, you must continue buying and buying until you get that coveted flavor.

2.) Volunteering at The Grand

As followers of my Twitter have probably figured out, I volunteer at The Grand Cinema in Tacoma.  It’s a volunteer-run theater, and you can often find me making popcorn.  I’m typically a staple of the Friday night crew.  It’s just a lot of fun.  Sometimes I dread it and it feels like a burden until I get there.  You basically just get to talk movies with people for 3 hours.  It’s great.  We work for conversations, soda, popcorn, and movies!

3.) The Toxic Avenger

When my grandfather died, he left behind a bunch of crappy movies (including his obsession with Spanish singers’ CDs).  One of which was The Toxic Avenger where, upon watching it, the film turned out to be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  It’s hilarious, ridiculous, and full of Troma’s characteristic gore.  This film created the genre of slapstick gore.  It’s definitely one of those films I test my friends with watching to find out if they can truly be my friends.


For the whole, entire, amazing compilation of the WRITING CHALLENGE, follow the link!


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