Writing Challenge #18: Things I Don’t Like

26 Feb

3 Things I Don’t Like:


Well, sort of.  As frequenters of this blog know, I also run a sister blog called 1000 Things We Hate.  In about 3 years we have reached 227 things we hate.  Which, to me is pretty good.  We normally write about 300+ words per post meaning that we have written probably 250 pages of hate.  (though, some hate posts are just me bitching on a webcam).

So, let me choose 3 of the things I hate most at the moment.  I’ll give them a brief synopsis, but I highly suggest you read the entire post.

1.) Boots with Socks Showing

Living in the Pacific Northwest, you see this a lot.  It just breaks up the flow of an outfit.  I want to focus on the cute boots you’re wearing, not the bits of sock sticking up over the top.

2.) Holes in Socks

I have written extensively about the dangers of socks.  Lately, I’ve been noticing that my socks are getting a little crunchy and will probably need to be replenished soon.  They haven’t broken apart yet, but it’s possible.

3.) Movie Rain

We just watched the Chinese musical Perhaps Love for class, and they relied upon the classic movie rain.  Basically, movie creators wish to have rain be visible for the viewer.  So, they drench the actors in impossible amounts of rain.  Only a couple of times have I seen movie rain, and those times were during thunderstorms where it hadn’t rained in the area for a month or two.

I highly recommend checking out our MASTER LIST of hates, and I’m sure you’ll find something you agree with.


Check out the rest of the WRITING CHALLENGE by following the link!

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