Writing Challenge #17: My Favorite Band

25 Feb

My Favorite Band:

Is Breathe Owl Breathe.

I’ve spent a great deal of my music posts talking about how much I love Breathe Owl Breathe as can be seen specifically here with my review of their last album.

There’s just something magical about Breathe Owl Breathe.  The first time I saw them, they were wearing capes, and, on their first song, they asked everyone to make woodland animal noises.  I croaked like a frog, other people hooted, others tweeted, some roared.  It was great!  They interact with the audience with waves, claps, dance moves, and the sort.

On Thursday night, I saw them for the third time (which is tied for the bands I’ve seen the most) with Ashley, Daniel, and Lillian.  The opening bands of Kendl Winter and Cataldo.  It was a pretty great show which didn’t end until almost one in the morning.  They played a little bit more of their sadder songs, but it was still pretty fun.  Unfortunately, during this show they didn’t have as many of their usual props like a scuba/snorkeling mask or the capes.

The thing about them is that every show is different.  The frontman Micah, dances or acts out the lyrics and tells funny stories which always makes Andréa laugh.  Meanwhile, Trevor sits calmly at the drumset with his eyes closed.

They’re just a lot of fun and inventive.  Their songs are about things that most people don’t write songs about any more like magical tales of dragons working on their penmanship to correspond with princesses or walking dogs or swimming.  On top of that Micah is an accomplished printer, and their newest endeavor was creating a children’s book with a matching 7″ vinyl record matching it.

I walked up to Micah before the show and reminded him that I named my cat after their song “Sabertooth Tiger” and he gave me a hug.  They’re the type of people that walk around before the show and greet their fans.  It’s great.

Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite songs:


For my whole Writing Challenge extravaganza, follow the link!


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