Writing Challenge #14: URL

21 Feb

Meaning behind my URL:


 In the lovely video above, I have my opening little diddy with the flying moth that turns into metal.  Plus, I’d like to think that I made a hilarious video at the ripe age of 17…

Anyway, this tale is going to be slightly embarrassing.  BACK IN THE DAY OF MYSPACE…

You could change your username as well as your real name or something of the sort… So, I decided to go all comic book and use two words that start with the same letter.  I think a precursor was “Slippery Salamander” or “Icarus Ice” or something of the sort.  (Fun fact: around this time I recorded the song “Kalazar Kaolin” which were two very badass words combined together… click the link to hear/download the song).

Well, one day I came up with “Mechanistic Moth.”  I liked moths and I remember thinking about how Dr. Robotnik roboticized all of the animals into mechas.  So, what if he roboticized a moth?  What would it look like?  Clearly, it would be the most badass Mecha thing out there.

The name flowed, and it stuck.  Since then, I’ve used it as my username for a lot of things.  I enjoy the name because it doesn’t let on to what it could be, it’s vague enough to apply to anything.  The versatility appeals to me.

And I hope it appeals to you, too.


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