Writing Challenge #12: Something I Really, Really Want

19 Feb

Something I really, really want:

I have finished my collection of the primary TMNT artists with Leonardo pieces.  Now, I’m looking to get original artwork from between the covers on some of my favorite comics.  Seeing as this is the TMNT, it is much harder to get actual pages from these comics because 1.) In the grand scheme of things, there have only been about 150 turtles comics that I actually care about 2.) Many creators were involved with making all of those comics.  So, tracking this stuff down will be no easy task.

I mentioned in my previous post about my admiration for Leonardo and him meditating for 50 years to get over his partner’s death.  Lucky for me, pages of Tales of the TMNT #41 are available through a French-Canadian website.  Once I get money, I aim to purchase page 16 of the comic which shows all 4 of the turtles in their future iterations.  This page is really special because, in 3-4 panels it tells a complete story.

So, comic art is on my “really, really want” list.

Oh, and getting accepted into grad school for the University of Utah would be nice.

And a $1000.

And to bring Greg Rucka to talk on my campus (which I’m in the process of working out now).

And to meet a few people.

And to fight a dragon with only my teeth and win and it will be filled with licorice sticks and I will be glad.


Check out the WRITING CHALLENGE in its entirety by following the link!


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