Writing Challenge #10: Tattoos

17 Feb

It may surprise some of you, but I have a tattoo!

“*gasp* No! Where!?”

Well, it’s right here on my arm!

“What is it?”


Yes, yes, yes it’s true.  I have a tattoo freckle.

I thought it was a hilarious idea: get a tattoo of something completely meaningless.  So, I made phone calls to probably 20 tattoo parlors until I found one that would do it.  Only had to pay $10 for the needle.

So, I prepared beforehand by sketching out what I wanted my freckle to look like: I opted for a freckle shaped like Antarctica (now it sort of looks like the Tri-Force).  The people at the parlor thought I was hilarious!  So, they added the picture of the freckle to their book.

It was grand.

Most people don’t believe me when I hold out my arm and say “hey, can you see my tattoo?”  And they’re like, “WHERE IS IT!?”  “Well, you can totally see it right now!  It’s that dot right there!” “NOOOOO WAYYYY!”

I also like to walk up to people with sleeves and compare our tats.



Wish to learn even more about me through the WRITING CHALLENGE?  Well, follow the link!


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