Writing Challenge #9: Underwear

16 Feb

I already revealed one secret this week, so I am not about to take a picture of myself in my boxers.  Though, the main reason is probably because I’m too lazy to do it (I feel shame/I just realized I have a webcam on my computer).

Anyway, I’m totally rocking some H+M boxer shorts right now.  They have a dark blue elastic band and are turquoise.  I have a pair that are the inverse of that, and I also have a pair that are the two blues and white triangles.  I decided to try on some tighter boxers that showed off my booty some more in the fall.  So, now I have three pairs of this type.  I would buy more, but it’s $20 a 3-pack at H+M.

ALSO, I took a gay and lesbian lit class last semester, and three or so of the guys (there were, I think, 5 guys and everyone of them was gay except for me) always shopped at H+M.  How do I know this?  Because half of the stuff that I tried on and didn’t wear, they bought and did wear.  It was slightly embarrassing.  I came really close to wearing something some other person bought.

AND I DID, once.  One of the guys had the same boxers as I did.  *Sadness*

I don’t mind being associated with gay culture, but I really hate wearing the same clothes as someone else.


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