Writing Challenge #7: Turn Ons

14 Feb

4 Turn Ons:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Oh gees, this is going to be difficult…

1. Geek-themed lingerie

Okay, this may be the only realistic turn on I have here.  YET, it is highly ridiculous/every geek boy’s dream.  If you really want me to burst out laughing (with glee) while in a slightly sexual situation, get some geek-themed lingerie.  If you want to see me blush, get some geek-themed lingerie.  If you want me to get all ravenous on you… Well, that’s not going to happen right away BECAUSE I WANT TO STARE.

2. Portishead

NO OTHER MUSIC is sexier than Portishead.  Trip hop beats, crooning voice, and vinyl scratches for effect.  I always think about how many times I’ve made out while listening to Portishead… it’s a lot… Downside to Portishead: It may make you cry.

3. Walks


I just like walking around.  Unfortunately, since the last two semesters have been so busy, I haven’t had time to walk with my significant other as much.  Plus, it’s been so damn frigid.  Nevertheless, I like walking because it allows you to talk, hold hands, or protect yourself with the other person as a body shield, if need be.  It’s also nice when the other person gets ahead of you for a bit and you get to check out their booty. PIRATE BOOTY (because that joke is not made enough)!

4. Being cynical, mean, and HILARIOUS

I enjoy mean people.  I like being bitter and hear other people make fun of other people.  HELL, I run a site that’s called 1000 Things We Hate!  If I know the person can match me toe-to-toe with comments at other people’s expense, then I’m sold.

Acting like a Dinosaur is a close #5.


That was by far the most difficult entry in the WRITING CHALLENGE so far.  Check out the rest by following the link.


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