13 Feb

I forgot to mention in my last post that I got accepted into Syracuse University’s Rhetoric and Communication Studies Graduate School Program!


I was in the mail-room opening my mail box talking to my friend Derek about Shingon Buddhism when I had the one, lone piece of mail from Syracuse.  I thought, “this is either going to be my acceptance/dejection letter or some paperwork for financial aid…” LUCKILY, IT WAS ACCEPTANCE.  I’m pretty sure I exclaimed “holy fuck!” either loudly or quietly… actually, it may have not even come out of my mouth – I WAS SO ASTONISHED.

I thought my GRE scores were HORRIFIC, but apparently Syracuse saw past that and realized “hey, this guy’s co-writing a CHAPTER IN A BOOK.”

Depending on how my other two applications go, I may be frequenting New York next year:



One Response to “Acceptance!”


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