Writing Challenge #5: My best friend

12 Feb

So, I have a lot of best friends.  Or, at least, they are the upper elite of friends.  But, triumphing over them all is Aaron.  He is my ultimate friend.  Like, the type of friend who would pull a Godzilla and crush you with his massive dong.  (true story: that has happened).

Here’s us on Christmas a few years back.  We cooked a mighty meal and played drunk scrabble in which I swindled money out of him to create words for his board.

We once got in a fight due to us spending almost a whole month seeing each other every day.  We were like a married couple.  What set it off?  I got really angry that he was dealing cards in the wrong direction.  Yeah…

During that same trip, I thought he was a skunk Sasquatch when we camped out in the woods and got really drunk (SKUNQUATCH!).

Another fun story: For years we had seen a zip line on this family’s property.  So, finally one night in December when it was below freezing, we sneaked onto these people’s property and went zip lining.  Due to the hilarity of the event, I got the impulse to go zip lining NAKED.  So, he watched my harry, naked ass climb up some rocks and then go whizzing past him.  Naturally, he felt inclined to follow me up.  So, I watched his harry, naked ass climb up some rocks and go whizzing past me.  Problem was, I was really light so I missed the tree stump in the ground… Aaron did not.  He nailed it with his knee and fell over naked in the freezing outside world half laughing half crying.  I threw is clothes at him and he put them on slowly.  We both laughed about it later.  Seriously, who goes zip lining when it’s 30º or below naked…?  We totally did.

Like I said, I have a lot of best friends, but Aaron trumps them all.


This post follows in the vein of the WRITING CHALLENGE.  Follow the link to see what other prompts I’ve answered!

9 Responses to “Writing Challenge #5: My best friend”

  1. Aaron Moore February 13, 2012 at 8:29 PM #

    I LOVE you, man. What a great writing project! We have had times that other people want to have, but never will. And many more ahead I believe!


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