Writing Challenge #3: Fears

10 Feb

3 Fears:

1.) That Sabretooth will escape into the outside world and get lost and never find her way home and then her microchip will not work and then I will be left wondering whatever happened to her and I will cry.


2.) I fear that the big 2 comic book companies (DC and Marvel) as well as other publishers are hardly listening to the cries from fans about the representations of women, peoples of color, and sexuality.  They believe that having 3-5 series out of 50 or 60 with one of these characters somehow equals the population demographic.  You don’t know how popular a character or series will be until you try.  (some notable exceptions of companies at least trying comes from Batwoman or Kevin Keller).

A nice try at representing people of queer identities

3.) Getting a paper cut on my penis.  I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS MIGHT HAPPEN (having sex on top of a mountain of money).  Nevertheless, I think about this at least once a week, and it makes me cringe.  As well as getting a paper cut on my nipples.

[I will refrain from posting a picture]


For my giant list of writing challenges, check out what I’ve done so far HERE.


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