The Adventures of Tintin: Review!

5 Jan

The first thing that you notice about Tintin is the slightly off-putting motion capture style the film is presented in.  It’s slightly unsettling when something looks so real but has exaggerated features (in the tradition of the original Hergé comics the movie is based off of).  After getting past the strangeness of motion capture, it turns out that this technique only benefits the film as a whole.

The pace of the film helps ease you into both the style and the story.  It’s classic adventure with the MacGuffin of model ships based after the legendary Unicorn that used to sail the seas leading to greater mysteries and treasure.  The film fits neatly in the style of Spielberg’s previous Indiana Jones films without ever seeming like a repeat of something already done.  It’s a fun film and something that gives you laughs and smiles even if it’s slightly predictable within its genre.  The voice acting is great and the film hits all of the right notes.

There are some problems that are hard to miss.  The most obvious is the lack of women in the story.  Basically, the only woman on screen for any significant time is an opera singer who only makes loud noises and breaks glass.  I would have liked to see some more female supporting characters who weren’t bubbling buffoons like Thompson and Thomson or villains like Sakharine.  Not necessarily a love interest, but someone who can keep up with Tintin and Captain Haddock.  Perhaps there is some potential in a sequel.

The other problem which may just be more personal is that the action never seems quite so awesome when it’s animated.  I find that I accept that animated films have their own logic, so they do not really blow my mind with action.  I find that when it’s classic stunts or special effects which are not computer generated, I’m much more enthused and interested.  Nevertheless, the single shot that lasts for a good couple minutes as the characters race down a hill trying to get the valuable pieces of paper that hold the clue to the treasure is pure movie magic.  It’s fascinating how the action weaves in and out with so many variables happening at the same time.  For anyone lesser skilled, the audience could get easily lost, but Spielberg pulls off the feat masterfully.

Tintin, in theaters, did not have that “wow” factor.  But, while thinking back and writing this review, I have realized how charming and enjoyable the film is.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an action film that is appropriate to all ages and leaves you with a certain sheen after you leave the theater.


One Response to “The Adventures of Tintin: Review!”

  1. dearraven January 6, 2012 at 12:35 AM #

    I’m hearing about this film over and over again-perhaps that’s a sign that I need to actually watch it.

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