Young Adult: Review!

18 Dec

Let’s get this out of the way: Young Adult is not a good movie.

My friends and I decided that at the theatre, every film seemed too depressing for a fun weekend.  We opted to go to Young Adult thinking that it would be at least slightly humorous like Diablo Cody’s other films Juno or Jennifer’s Body.  Instead, we were greeted with a movie that was painful to watch.

Part of this goes for Mavis (Charlize Theron) being such an unlikable character.  Throughout the film, she aims to break up a marriage and cruelly undermine everyone in her surroundings.  Some characters can come off as enjoyable bitches.  You appreciate how bitchy they can be and wallow in it.  In this instance, Mavis is a truly bitchy character that is not in any way entertaining to watch.  The train wreck she goes through is stale, bland, and predictable.

The characters are not interesting and fall into typical stereotypes.  Matt (Patton Oswalt) is perhaps the only redeemable character, and even then his character is far from compelling.  Oswalt still does a decent job acting, but, in this movie, that is not enough.  The acting all around is okay, but nothing can save this film.

There is one shot in the whole film that I liked in the beginning.  It’s when Mavis stands on the porch of her apartment and looks out over the city.  Other than that, the shots by Jason Reitman were mediocre at best.

This film did nothing for me, and, while in the theatre, I was counting down my time until it was over.  I honestly felt bad bringing my friends to the film.  At least I had free tickets, otherwise, it was pretty much a waste.


2 Responses to “Young Adult: Review!”

  1. CMrok93 December 20, 2011 at 5:53 AM #

    Theron gives a terrific performance. She elevates the movie by demonstrating her versatility. She almost makes you feel sympathetic towards this blonde, beautiful and sharp-witted anti-heroine. Oswalt deserves consideration for supporting actor as well. Great review. Check out whenever you get the chance.

    • Nobody's Muse January 28, 2012 at 11:28 AM #

      Ellio! I’m digging these movie reviews. maybe it was due to my christmas eve day-drinking, or the direct result of the constant family “visiting for the holidays!” time that entire week, but this movie made me want to punch myself and everyone in the theater. What really ended up happening was fleeing my family later that day to loiter and chain-smoke outside an Albertsons. Thanks, but I don’t need a movie to be reminded of how shallow and awful everyone is, really.

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