Another Note on 1000 Things We Hate

1 Nov

Also!  You may be wondering, “WHY THE HELL HAVE THERE NOT BE ANY UPDATES!?”

A related question may be, “WHERE THE FUCK HAS 1000 THINGS WE HATE DISAPPEARED TO!?”

To both of those questions, I’d like to refer you to the new blog at 1000 Things We Hate.

I have already explained this (I believe), but I will again.  1000 Things We Hate has gotten too big for this site alone, and I made the executive decision to move all of the posts over to its own website.  I’m still working out the kinks, but I’ve been posting regularly over there.  And, why’s that!?

Well, I need your help.  1000 Things We Hate is a new blog meaning that all of the page views that boost it up the google search have been cut significantly.  The blog doesn’t have that many people referring to it even though it still has upwards of 200 posts.  Once we draw more attention (by posting more) the stats will pick up, but, for now, it’s just a baby.

So please, help this baby grow… don’t spoil it with a recall on baby formula.


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