Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – Review!

23 Oct

I like really gory movies with a humorous twist to them.  I mean, really, what other venue do you get to laugh really hard about the silly ways people die?  I’m a huge fan of The Toxic Avenger because it’s hilarious and has ridiculous gore parts.  What I’m not a fan of is films like The Human Centipede or Saw that has the gore merely to freak you out.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is one of those films that makes you laugh.  And, by laugh, I mean laugh really hard.  I suppose it helps that it does not take itself too seriously.

What is Tucker & Dale vs. Evil?  Well, it’s kind of hard to pin down.  Basically, it follows two hillbillies as they go up to their newly bought vacation shack so they can go fishing and enjoy the good life with their dog.  On the other hand, there is also a group of snobby college kids who go up to the same lake.  Tucker and Dale eventually save one of the college students but at the expense of the group of college kids thinking that they have kidnapped her.  The rest of the film is incidentally the college kids trying to save their friend from the good-hearted hillbillies who have hearts of gold.  The college students end up accidentally killing themselves in their efforts to hilarious effect.

The thing that I liked about the film was that it was a parody; a parody on the horror film and just misconceptions in general.  It shows that people who do make judgements and have prejudices like the snobby college kids are not the friendliest, nor the smartest, people.  I also really enjoyed how you end up rooting for the hillbillies who, in any other horror movie like Hostel, would normally be the sick, demented, bad guys.  And, best of all, I liked how flawed the movie, purposely to me, seemed.  There was perfect hair despite all of the chaos for everyone but the hillbillies, lighting shifts, and other little things that really made the film seem like a B-Film.  It was grand, essentially.

It also helped that the acting was superb.  Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are our innocent hillbillies just looking for a nice vacation.  Their relationship really holds the movie together.  Katrina Bowden also had a relatively strong performance.  And, the rest of the college kids hammed up their parts to good effect.  It turns out evil might be younger than you think.



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