My Apologies

3 Aug

Alright, I’ve hinted at this before, but I figured I’d give you fellow readers the low-down.

Currently, my computer is M.I.A.  This is the second time in a year.  Rather than dishing out the $100 that I did last time over winter break, I’ve decided to wait it out until the school year begins and they will fix it for free.  In that case, I have really only been able to blog at work (supremely difficult even though I’m doing it right now) or at the library (after I’ve been tired by the monotony that is work).  So, my springy ideas have been rather flat as of late.

I would really like to do another Blogathon this year for 1000 Things We Hate, but that was only possible when I had my computer at home.  So, we would have to wait until the school year starts at which point I will be swamped.  I mean, honestly, I’m going to be taking four full classes, working at my work-study job, working as a course assistant, volunteering, and writing my chapter for the book.  That’s a shitload to balance.  Nevertheless, I will strive to continue blogging.

In the mean time, I would like to thank my fellow cohorts Lillian and Monique for filling up the gaps with their own posts.  I hope that we can continue posting two or three times a week with a variety of topics.  So, we’ll see.

Until then, I hope we can provide you with humor between the gaps.  Plus, you can see my HILARIOUS tweets on the sidebar.

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