Secret Pleasures #21: Pottermore

2 Aug

Maybe this isn’t a secret pleasure.  In fact, I’ll freely admit I love Harry Potter with every fiber of my being.  However, this post does have the hidden, creepy obsession as the previous posts in this series therefore I deem it appropriate.

What is Pottermore…….does it matter?  It’s about Harry Potter and created by JK Rowling so who the frick cares about anything else: it will be awesome!

However, we have been given some information about it.  It’ll be used to sell e-books and audiobooks (duh, money) but is also some type of interactive HP world in which JK will reveal side story lines and etc.   To all dedicated HP fans who thought their childhoods ended with the last film this means that HP will live on!  Your lives are not over!

Now that I’ve explained HP I must also tell my obsessive, childish reaction to it within the last 12 hours.  First, I was pissed.  Suddenly, status updates on Facebook were filled with HP and Pottermore and I realized I had missed the first two launch days.  To be truthful, I wasn’t expecting it to happen for another month or so (I sadly have been too immersed in the muggle world lately) and was freaking out.  “Oh no, oh shit, OMG, I need my HP!”

So, I knew that I had to prove myself as a super fan and get one of the coveted million early accounts on Pottermore tonight!  This meant lots of refreshing.

I knew it’d be appearing around 9-11 pm my time so keep hitting refresh to find the magic quill challenge!  Finally, it appeared and my heart started racing.  The question was “In the Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch match, in Harry’s third year, how many points is Gryffindor leading by before Harry catches the Golden Snitch? Multiply this number by 35.”  I started googling.

From below me I hear my flatmate yell, “Lillian, did you see it?”  I yelled back, “Yes! I don’t have the answer yet?”

Then she yelled what I thought was 2400 but it wasn’t working and I was freaking out even more.  I ran down the flight of stairs to ask her again.  She said 2100.  I ran upstairs.  I got to some site where I had to make a feather levitate, it wasn’t working!  I was yelling at her that I couldn’t get it!  She ran up the stairs but couldn’t get it either.  We ran down the stairs to her computer.  Success.

I entered all my information in a blur.  I don’t remember much of it.  The final message they give you is: check your email for confirmation.  I run upstairs to my computer.  It wasn’t there.  My heart is beating so fast that I can hardly breath.  Where is my email?!  In panic I run down to my flatmate’s room.  She just got her confirmation e-mail!  Where was mine?!

I run upstairs to my computer and managed to get the feather to levitate.  I sign up for another account with a different e-mail address.  Now, I’m frantically refreshing both emails.  Neither has come.

I hear from a friend that it took her 45 min the previous day and I calmed down a bit, a little bit.  However, I was still so nervous that I twitter my thumbs and can hardly concentrate on anything!  Finally, after 20 minutes I get e-mails for both accounts and choose one (PotionSparks109) as my user idea.  Success!  All is right with the world.

After all the nerves and anxiety it is time to celebrate!  I jump up and down, squeal like a little girl, and wander around the house like a lunatic!  I grabbed some chocolate and started eating in a type of HP sugar high!  There is no better high.  Did I mention this only happened 90 minutes ago…?

Yes, I am obsessive.

Yes, I love Harry Potter.

Yes, I do sometimes under-exaggerate just how much I love it.

Therefore, why not?  This is my secret pleasure: I love Harry Potter more than words could ever express and I honestly don’t know what would have happened if I’d grown up without it.


2 Responses to “Secret Pleasures #21: Pottermore”

  1. Jeyna Grace August 2, 2011 at 3:59 AM #

    I was trying out every possible answer with a calculator. LOL. managed to get in too. Congrats on making it!

  2. MechanisticMoth August 2, 2011 at 8:14 AM #

    “However, I was still so nervous that I twitter my thumbs and can hardly concentrate on anything!”

    At first I thought you meant that you were actually tweeting your thumbs which would have been fantastic.

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