Kiwi Conduct: Part I

5 Jul

As you may have noticed from my previous posts I’m currently in New Zealand.  Things here aren’t too different to make you completely and utterly confused, but there are many cultural differences.

First off, I’m from the West Coast.  On the West Coast whenever you walk by someone you generally say hello and/or smile at them as a pleasant greeting and then continue on your way.  Kiwi’s don’t do that!  Yes, they are, in general, much nicer than Americans but they’re also reserved.  To even smile at someone, especially if you’re a girl, means something completely different.  It’s almost like a come-hither.

Therefore, I have to put away my pleasant smile for a more grumpy kind of look – it’s way less approachable.   However, it waves off all of those unwanted approaches you get from random people on the street.

The second comment I have on Kiwi conduct is actually more about Kiwi fashion.

What’s in: boots, leggings/ tights, and the color black!  Seriously, everywhere I look all I see is black.  We are in winter so black is generally more common but it’s a bit ridiculous in Wellington. Kiwi’s wear black tights with black shoes, a black skirt, a black shirt, a black coat, and a black scarf.  So much black.  And if it’s not black it’s red!

I’m a girl who loves a ton of color in her wardrobe so this all black thing is slightly bothering – I don’t want to blatantly stick out as an American.  O’well, it’s just the kiwi lifestyle.



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