Ghost Sperm: Savannah

30 Jun

My first foray into comics came about in high school where I attempted to draw a weekly comic about school and our friends… as animals.  Each friend or person in our class (we were a small year with a grand 27 people in our class) corresponded with a different animal (except for Jesse who was a bowling ball and Gould was cottage cheese… yes, there are reasons to those).  Well, one of my favorite things was drawing gratuitous violence with all of our little animal characters.  So, I believe that this gave me some practice.  Strangely, the whole premise is that the little Ghost Sperm are already dead… how can they die again, then?  Also, how do sperm have blood?  I’m not sure, but I believe that I can just draw what I want… so there.

Oh yes, and I wasn’t quite too pleased with the text of the chomping, but oh well.



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