Secret Pleasures #18: Kpop and Kdrama

25 Jun

Let’s just begin with the statement that Korean culture is pretty damn cool.  At least the South Korean culture.  Most specifically I love kpop and kdrama.

Do you like wild, crazy, and cutesy?  This is the epitome of Kpop: Korean Popular music.  It’s colorful and catchy.  *If you need a quick overview of Kpop check out*

Plus, if you’re attracted to Koreans (or Asians in general) Kpop collects the most attractive singers.  They usually sing in large groups so you’ve got your options for looks and personality.

If you’re intimidated by foreign languages, don’t worry too much.  Kpop loves to insert english lyrics into really random places within a song.

Also, do you remember all those great 90’s boy band dances?  Everyone was super unified and perfectly in time.  Well, Kpop dances are like that but to the extreme!  Watch this music video and then the stage performance of Bbiribbom Bberibbom by Co-ed.

I don’t know very much Korean but you can bet I’ve got Kpop songs stuck in my head.

Korean dramas are pretty much exactly like soap operas or telenovelas.  It’s super sappy and the story line is pretty unrealistic.  However, this also means they’re incredibly addicting; everyone loves drama.

Here are some general guidelines for designing a kdrama:

1. Arranged marriage

2. Overbearing father (Korea is a patriarchal society which can be pretty frustrating if you’re as pro-women rights as I am)

3. Controlling grandmother

4. Cross dressing or mistaking a women as a man

5. Inheriting gobs of money (but most of the time you can’t access it unless you get married)

6. Discovering you’re really from a royal family

7.  And the most common:  love triangles or love squares or love pentagons … it goes on and on

One of the Kdramas I recently watched is called Creating Destiny.  Overall it was mediocre, but the thing I loved most was that the Korean lead actress spoke far better English than the ‘American.’  The producers were pretty detailed about everything except that – it was pretty funny.

In general, Korean popular culture is amusing and addicting!  It’s colorful, dramatic, and full of attractive actors/singers.

My Secret Pleasure: Korea! and their wacky pop culture.


One Response to “Secret Pleasures #18: Kpop and Kdrama”

  1. hms October 11, 2011 at 6:07 AM #

    Korean movie/drama tend to use non-Apple electronic devices look good!! Their story lines tend to be rich without becoming overly convoluted (eg Japanese movie/drama) too.

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