Ghost Sperm: Po-Leese

17 Jun

Seattle has a little problem… It’s called the Police-force beating up helpless innocents.  They have become notorious for these beatings with fairly good reason: BEATING UP INNOCENT BYSTANDERS OR ANYONE WITHOUT DUE CAUSE IS UNJUST!  So, I decided to channel that spirit into this comic.  It still remains slightly humorous while striking on the point of police brutality.  In the last panel I wanted the skinny little Ghost Sperm to be painfully caught off guard at the suggestion that the Police Sperm believed that he had the right to – even if he wasn’t about to – beat him up.  Normally, this would call for an ellipses, but I decided to go with the more jarring “nothing.”

Also, I have two Ghost Sperm comics backstocked, but I am having problems with my computer.  So, there may be a gap where you won’t see any comics.  I’m trying to prevent this to the best of my ability, but it’s just an FYI.


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