Secret Pleasures #17: Identical Twins

4 Jun

Monozygotic twins! Two people with exact same DNA but definitely not the same personality.  When I was little I dreamed of being a twin.  Seriously, how much more egotistical could I be?  I wanted a second me!  Granted we would probably end up killing each other in a fight of stubbornness but it would still be awesome up until our deaths.

Identical twins are fascinating and fantastical for several other reasons:

1) Perfection.  People love symmetry and identical twins are the most accurate example of human perfection.   When twins stand side by side (perhaps in matching clothing) aren’t you at least a little bit in awe; it’s a natural phenomenon that shouldn’t exist.  Every organism is supposed to be unique, but twins are nearly exactly the same.  As a biologist I can only say, “wow!”

Even if there was only one I’d still think it was perfection. Mmm.

2) Pyschology and Medical Studies.  Identical twins are the perfect test subjects because despite having identical DNA they do develop differently.  Psychological studies show that one twin may become bipolar while the other is not; this means that the bipolar disease is both a result of genetic and environmental factors.  Similarly, one twin may get cancer and die at 30 while the other lives to be 100.  Identical twins have greatly improved our understanding of genetics and behavior.

3) Telepathy. Imagine you’re held hostage by a murderous drug dealer in an abandoned warehouse without even a tiny chance to escape – what would you do?  Normal people would probably just die, BUT not twins.  All they’ve got to do is conjure up a little twin mojo and boom your twin alerts the police, leads them to the warehouse, and saves your life.  It seems so simple.  On a less extravagant note, isn’t the idea of sensing someone’s emotions interesting?  We use like 9% of our brains but what if twins use a tiny bit more; the extra brain power lets them communicate with each other.

Telapathy should have been their mutant power.

4) Sexual Fantasy.  Umm…do I really need to write more?  Twice the pleasure.

I now must rant about my favorite fictional set of twins: Fred and George Weasley.  JK Rowling, how could you!?!  How could you kill off only one of the twins?  Fred and George had such a close bond that killing just one is brutal; in fact, I believe it to be the cruelest thing imaginable.  Whether fictional or real, I believe that the bond between twins is sacred (this could be my deluded fantasy) and should not be broken.  I think that Rowling should have had both die or both survive.  Besides the God-awful epilogue, this is the worst flaw of the Harry Potter books.

Together forever.

All and all, identical twins are a wonderful anomaly.  They’re useful to the realm of science and are generally cool to look at.  I know that my obsession with them will never end because the ideal of having two things instead of one is great.

My secret pleasure: finding the ultimate perfection in humans and a dash of super powers (aka telepathy)


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