Post-Flashpoint Renumbering

31 May

Okay, for you comic book fans that have been reading DC for awhile and are not in the loop check out this article.

Is it just me or does Batman have bigger muscles than Superman?

So, in September every single DC Book is going to be renumbered to number one.  This includes the long-running Detective Comics or the recently reaching 900 Action comics and so forth.  Sure, they may return to the legacy numbering on some issues (like the soon approaching 900 in Detective), but it seems like this stuff is going to stick.

Flashpoint will basically become our modern Crisis on Infinite Earths where we start over again.  Continuity will be wiped out (for the most part, I assume) and everything will begin fresh and anew.

There are a couple problems with this:

  • With so many #1s in September I frankly have no idea what I’m going to buy.
  • I am deathly afraid that they are going to ruin my understanding of some of the characters (i.e. Batman).
  • For the next year or so it seems like most of the stories will be origins.
  • Will the new characters introduced reflect a greater diversity?
  • And, of course, some of my favorite characters (my beloved Tim Drake) will more than likely cease to exist.

Nevertheless, the more I think about it, I believe that this is probably a good idea.  It’s world building and allows for creators to come up with fresh and innovative stories without relying to heavy on the past.  Sure, Batman Inc. will most likely be wiped out and so far it has been genius (I really like Dick and Bruce in the Batman role), but it may be for the best.  Indeed, I was volunteering last Thursday and talking to my co-volunteer which was a guy in his late 40s who was genuinely interested in comics.  I realized that explaining who had been Batgirl and how many Robins there have been was probably very confusing to him.  So, to get new readers in, this may be a wise idea.

Nevertheless, I’m worried.  I feel like starting afresh is a great idea, but what may be so potential downfalls?  If we’re starting the universe over, then I want more female, transgender, gay (the new Batwoman series will launch this fall), African American, and people of all sorts of different cultural backgrounds to take the lead.  However, from what we know of the new Justice League, it seems like they are reinstating the masculine and white paradigm.  So please DC, I agree that – despite my love for some of these characters – it’s probably a good idea to hit reset, but take advantage of the opportunity at hand and DO NOT go back to the same heteronormative stuff that you’ve been shelling out.  Including some of those characters that provide diversity to the line up will gain you many positive approvals from outside the typical male, white, heterosexual audience.  This will perhaps draw in new readers rather than just pissing off old ones.  So, take advantage.

This is actually making me care a little about Flashpoint.  So, good job.


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