Fables #105: Review!

29 May

Mister Dark is quite a vile villain.  I suppose what sets him apart from most other villains is that he is truly evil but clever on top of it.  He seems always determined but resourceful.  He knows when to fully attack and when to wait and build up terror.  It’s really extraordinary watching him work against our beloved Fables.  He is the ultimate threat, and he is winning.

This issue is a major game changer.  The outcome of which is neither a surprise or expected.  Nevertheless, it provides a necessary power move to possibly allow Haven to win against Mister Dark.  The grand decision all revolves around a conversation between Bigby and Mr. North (his father).  This is perhaps the most important conversations of the entire series and it shows both the strengths and fallacies of either character.  It’s one of those blurbs of dialogue that you latch out upon.

In that respect you must give Willingham credit.  He has written a brilliant conversation that seems so wonderful that it practically must have written itself.  Overall, he has set the stage for perhaps the biggest battle of the series (even larger than Frau’s final fight with Mister Dark 5 issues previously), and I am all excited for it.  The issue stands alone but it also leads quite nicely into the next one.  The ramifications are huge and the scenario only gets larger.

The art by Buckingham, as always, is enjoyable.  I love his Mr. North.  I love how he flows like the wind and his hair is wild yet controlled.  It’s quite a wonder to look at.

This issue is very important to the series as a whole and it really sums up how good the series is in general.


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