Detective Comics #877: Review!

29 May

You know, it’s not too often that I read a comic twice.  Sure, I may go back and re-read issues a year or so later, but when I get a comic I usually read it once, put it in a pile, eventually bag & board it, and set it away in a box.  The only comic I consistently read twice is The Walking Dead.  Well, Scott Snyder and Jock are knocking it out with Detective Comics and caused me to read it twice.

Snyder’s first stint on Detective with Jock was pretty cool, but by now you can tell he’s gotten a handle on the characters.  His voice for Dick is unique but totally fits the character.  I never knew a monologue about Roadrunners could be so damn interesting!  Like the criminals in Gotham, this comic is opening up and setting a menacing tone without being afraid to try new things.  There are some outlandish premises but Snyder reals them in and makes them feel real almost noir.  The dialogue between characters is spot on and thrilling (I loved the banter and playfulness between Dick and Tim).  I feel myself hanging onto every word.  Most of the time when I read comics I do not ascribe a voice to the characters – it’s just one flat monotone voice for everyone – but Snyder is creating voices in my head and that is amazing to me.

Jock’s artwork has also become more detailed and a little less scratchy.  You can tell he’s experimenting a little and the comic is all the better for it.  His designs and characters are dynamic and engrossing.  There is so much movement and flow between panels; they do not feel stagnant or posed.  Basically, Jock makes Snyder’s writing come to life, and you can tell their collaboration is organic and it really pays off.  One person that needs to get a lot of credit is David Baron.  His coloring adds so much mood to Jock’s already thrilling art.  From stark reds to rain blues and then to murky greens, he really adds a lot to the overall feel of the comic.

Detective Comics is by far one of – if not – the best superhero comic DC is producing right now.


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