Red Robin #23: Review!

12 May

This comic just got really good.  Alright, alright… it was already pretty darn good, but the stakes have been upped in this issue.  There are all of these threads that are culminating into the Assassin’s tournament, and I’m in on the ride.

The comic starts off with a brief update in Tim’s civilian life and relationship with Bruce and then it hits the ground running with Tim meeting up with Lynx again.  She is clearly becoming his Catwoman, and I really enjoy how its a relationship based upon lust rather than actual feeling because it represents Tim not fully growing up yet.  He had something relatively stable with Stephanie for awhile, but now he is doing something rather unexpected for someone who is ridiculously meticulous with his planning.  Plus, I’m surprised that they didn’t chip a tooth or something at a certain point.

Basically, the comic comes around to the Assassin’s tournament by Tim recognizing something’s going on and reacting early to it.  This issue feels like a lead up, but it still leaves you relatively satisfied in terms of story.

Marcus To and Ray McCarthy’s art is highly underrated.  They are a great team.  I really enjoy that To’s characters are never overly-muscled or heavy-breasted.  In a world of superheroes – they look a little bit more realistic.  I especially enjoy their version of Dick’s Batman where he is trim like an acrobat but still highly powerful.  Plus, there is a brief bit where Dick’s freefall mirrors her freefall in the recent Detective Comics.  Completely unplanned but still interesting.

Overall, this book has great things going for it and does not cease to entertain.

Also, I was a little hesitant to DC bringing the letter pages back because such mainstream publishers usually do not print criticisms.  Instead, they wet their own pallet with positive, glowing reviews.  This is sort of happening, but there are some minute criticisms and fan-to-fan combat going on.  So, it seems like DC is trying to include in its two pages of fan letters some discussion rather than just glowing review masturbation.


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