Batgirl #21: Review!

12 May

You know, it’s surprising to think that I’ve followed this series for nearly two years.  For that long, it has been going strongly.  And this issue keeps up the pace.

Now, the series has never been phenomenal, but it’s never been really bad either.  It coasts at a nice even pace that is light-hearted and fun.  There is a bright spot in the Batman universe and that is Stephanie Brown.

In this issue, Bryan Q. Miller puts Batgirl up against another college student member of The Scythe.  The endgame is rather unclear on what The Scythe will do, but we know that they are not out to kill Batgirl.  Instead, they are pursuing their own means for some sort of benefactor.  I find this rather interesting because the goal isn’t necessarily to kill the hero or even hurt them, it’s instead to go about their business and hope for no further interruptions.  But, interruptions they get in the plentiful as Stephanie kicks some ass.

There is also the side plot of Wendy Harris and she makes a decision that will take her out of the immediate picture (I’m sure the side quest will be shown in further issues) which effectively leads Stephanie out on her own.  Overall, there is tight plotting.

However, I can’t help but to think that this series will work so much better as a trade.  I tend to forget exactly what is going on from month to month and it leads me a little confused right at the beginning.  So, this will definitely lead to more re-reads.The inker also has some fun on a couple of panels making things a little muddier and impressionistic.

Overall, interesting story that’s compelling but doesn’t necessarily wow.


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