Supes Cheer – Music Playlist

5 May

So, there are some Seniors in my life who are graduating.  For Sarah, Rochelle, and Lindsey, I made a special playlist of exciting and happy songs to carry them on through their last couple of undergrad days.  So, check it.

1. The Apples in Stereo – Go

I kicked the playlist off with “Go” because it just pumps with energy and excitement.  It’s infectiously happy and ridiculous.

2. Starlight Mints – The Bandit

Starlight Mints have been a band that I’ve loved since middle school.  I remember buying their first two CDs off of their webiste.  So much of my time driving that 15 minutes to school with Lillian was spent whistling away to this song.

3. The Go! Team – Panther Dash

MC Ninja is a badass.  This band is a badass.  This song is a badass.

4. Of Montreal – Springtime is the Season

I just find this song to be so pleasant and pleasing.  This was before Kevin Barnes and the band went all ghetto-dance-magic (which I still love).

5. The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me

Woo hoo for Rashida Jones spotting!

6. The Presidents of the United States – Kick Out the Jams

I totally had to include something so kickass and punk.  The actual recorded song is a minute +, but they totally go for it in the video.  It just pumps you up.

7. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – Seems To Be On My Mind

So you can mostly just hear them through the chorus, but I wanted you to see how goddamn cute they are with their deep voices and catchy string instruments.  Oh, and more whistling!  They know the way to my heart.

8. Oh No! Oh My! – Walk In The Park

This song is so witty and cute and I love it.  Plus, the fan-made vid is pretty good, too.

9. Sam Woodworth – Lavender Girl

Okay, I could not find any real living record of this song.  I’m pretty sure I got it in the KUPS reject bin (which still has some pretty awesome stuff in it for being rejects).  Nevertheless, the song is immensely cute and I’ve been singing the chorus to myself ever since I woke up.

10. The Ladybug Transistor – The Swimmer

Here’s a preview of the song.  It’s much more laid back but it has some flutes and horns in it.  It’s relaxing-happy.  Like you’re basking in the sun – happy.

11. Architecture in Helsinki – That Beep

Yeah.  So, it’s one of those super weird music videos.  But that song is so damn catchy!  Plus, there’s just something so strange about this music video that you must love it.  Turquoise people unite!

12. Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position

You know, I used to not really care for Patrick Wolf, but now I have seen the error of my ways and really enjoy him in all of his flamboyance.  He’s darling.

13. The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl

I slipped in another rock/punk(ish) song full of Legos!  This song just gets me pumped.  Pumped enough to play with Legos for hours!  Did I mention Legos!?

14. Tender Forever – No One Will Tell No One For Sure

I’ve seen this song live.  It was magical.

15. Pseudo Psychic Accumulation – Exploring Caverns

Okay… so, you know… I had to slip in one of my own songs.  This one just makes me really happy.  Particularly because it was secretly challenging.  I played the keyboards on it… by playing my computer keyboard.  Plus, I made it all up on the spot.  And just as an FYI, all of my songs on under my old name of Pseudo Psychic Accumulation and under my new name of Mechanistic Moth are free to listen and free to download in case you ever feel the need.

16. Chairlift – Bruises

I first heard this song in the credits of a short film that I was judging.  It instantly captured me.  Then it got famous and what not and it was awesome.  So, Congrats to Chairlift!  So enjoyable.

As a bonus, check out this acoustic version:

It’s really different especially since she sings a lot lower.

17. I’m From Barcelona – Collection of Stamps

Okay, seriously, who writes a song about collecting stamps?  That’s right, I’m From Barcelona.  The song is insanely catchy and joyous, I enjoy it mucho.

18. The Brunettes – Mars Loves Venus

I remember going to Maui in high school, and this song was on a Paste Magazine CD that they used to give out.  Then, I saw them open for Rilo Kiley (which they totally kicked their ass), and this song has been magic for me ever since.  They are just so crazy energetic and bubblegum pop-esque.  I highly recommend looking at their other stuff.

19. Flight Of The Conchords – Bret You’ve Got It Going On

I text Selena and asked her what her favorite Flight Of The Conchords song is, and she responded with this.

20. The Unicorns – I Was Born (A Unicorn)

There’s so much in this song that makes it so ridiculous.  I mean, they basically foretell how they’re going to break up the band by having a whole section of them bickering in the lyrics.  Nevertheless, this song is uniquely its own.

21. Breathe Owl Breathe – Swimming

Have I mentioned how much I love Breathe Owl Breathe?  To the effect that they are possibly my favorite band (even though I don’t have their two earlier albums).  I hum this song when I feel down.  It’s perfect.

22. The Polyphonic Spree – Section 9 (Light & Day/Reach For The Sun)

Is it possible to have any song happier than this?  I don’t think so.  Yeah, Lillian and I blew out the speakers in our old car listening to Polyphonic Spree.  The end.


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