Pokémon Face Off

11 Apr

Over at IGN they’re crafting the top 100 Pokémon.  You go HERE and enter into a sort of duel where you choose your favorite of two Pokémon.  It’s kind of neat because it also shows you the percentage of people who agreed with you.

I’ve played this for about two hours now, and, so far, the hilarious example was when Mew went up against Amoonguss and 76% of people agreed that Mew was better.  I feel sorry for that 24 other percent.

So, go and vote for your favorite Pokémon, but always keep my favorites in mind:

1. Absol

2. Lugia

3. Wartortle

4. Typholision

5. Garchomp

6. Electivire

Basically, those can go in any order after Absol and Lugia take the top two spots.  There are also some Pokémon from Unova that have grown on me like Haxorus and others, but this is the list that I can come up with off the top of my head.


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