Ghost Sperm: Fart

7 Apr

Okay, Okay… I do not usually rely upon toilet humor.  This even happens in my daily life – I like situational humor.  Nevertheless, I could not pass up an opportunity to show the Ghost Sperm before they die.  I love the grizzled commander with the cigar in the mouth (for some reason, I love the cigar in the mouth imagery for the Ghost Sperm (hmmm… I wonder why… phallus?) and will probably use it again in a noir comic) who is so vulgar.  It really reminds me of Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket.  I also like the pep talk before they get expelled out of the penis.  Sure, the humor’s crude.  But, for some reason, I enjoy it.

One Response to “Ghost Sperm: Fart”


  1. Ghost Sperm: Ghost Party « MechanisticMoth - May 5, 2011

    […] in my sketches for the comics of a ghost sperm with a cigar in its mouth (did you notice it in Ghost Sperm: Fart?).  I’m thinking that I might take that and create a noir character that may repeat.  No […]

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