Ghost Sperm: Cats

24 Mar

Let’s settle on something: I love cats.  Growing up, I was all about frogs.  I love frogs still.  But, sometimes, they’re such a nuisance to take care of.  Plus, Cats are more socially acceptable.  I’ve also come under the impression that it’s a little inhumane to keep frogs in such a tiny space.

Speaking of tiny spaces!  My comic deals with incorporating a cat into the comic.  This is by far my favorite Ghost Sperm comic that I’ve made.  However, I regret that it looks like the ghost sperm is strangling the cat on the last frame.  What I meant to do was have the cat cutely paw at it’s kitty-daddy and make a cute noise.  Instead, it sort of looks like the ghost sperm is tugging the cat while it lets out an exasperated “mewww”.  Whoops.

I’ve been really trying to work on my different facial expressions with such a simple construction.  Basically, I haven’t given myself a lot to work with: two eyes, two brows, and a mouth.  So, I’m trying to work those together in order to create a variety of facial expressions.  Nevertheless, I have a tendency to make them up on the fly.  I don’t take a great deal of time making the comics.  I just draw what flows out of me and write the words as I go.  If this was any bigger of a script I would be done for, but since, at most, I can have 4 panels, I have enough limited space to not get lost.

Also, on a fun note.  I ended up sketching/doodling out three to four new strips while in class today.  So what if I got called on to read because I wasn’t paying attention!  I drew a Bat-Sperm.  Now, all I have to do is draw them for realzzz.


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