Tomato Soup Isotopes

23 Mar

I would gladly discuss things with you if we all tried.
Like a pie in the face on a warm Summer day.
But not the type of Summer that feels like isotopes breaking and connecting.
A Summer that, like any other, belonged to the world… or at least a certain hemisphere.

What would we do as we crawled out of beds like tomato soup?
Would we discover new treats?  Possibly Saltine crackers.
Or the sort of airlines that hand out nibbles of salt as if we were deer.
We would, more than likely, enter the world for the day, sit on top of it, and say, “this is mine.”

My possession equals repression of common characteristics of a household plant.
In our infinite wisdom, we declared that these are the natures of the world so conform
Or we will challenge your challenge with a duel of massive proportions
Like Godzilla.

Hidden.  Missing.  Destructive Kissing.
Windows shatter at the sound of your voice
as the cool breeze whips through our hair on that wonderful Summer
Daylight finding that we were all here for something
Possibly a credit card.
Waving our hands like a shiny thundercloud.


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