Hapschil Playlist

19 Mar

1. The Bowerbirds – In Our Talons

Good Golly, I love LaBlogotheque.  And I happen to be a major fan of this song.  It has a great hook and makes the accordion seem very badass and sexy.

2. Her Space Holiday – Tech Romance

As cheesy as the lyrics can be, there is something undeniably catchy about Her Space Holiday’s earlyish The Young Machine stuff.

3. Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater

I highly encourage you to look up the normal version of this song because this one is much faster and you can tell they’re having a lot of fun with it.  Nevertheless, it is one of the most emotive songs and clearly one of my favorite songs of all time (hence why I’ve covered it).

Okay, okay.  I had to include the original there.  It’s so grand it deserves two videos!

4. Bon Iver – Flume

This song is so relaxing.  I’m not exactly sure what it is all about because it makes me a little sleepy, but I like that.

5. Monade – Pas Toutjours Encore

In case you couldn’t tell, that song is not “Pas Toutjours Encore.” I couldn’t find the real song so I pulled up another one.  And, to tell you the truth, all of Monade and Stereolab’s songs kind of bleed together.  That, however, does not mean that they’re not good.

6. Fujiya & Miyagi – Collarbone

This song has a great concern with shoes.  Yet, somehow, they make it really sexy.  And was there anyone else rooting for a dolphin to be one of the animals shot down?

7. Kaki King – Bone Chaos in the Castle

Kaki King has been featured on the site before, and there’s good reason: she’s amazing.  Her talent far exceeds even the best in the industry.  And the best part?  She makes it look so damn easy.

8. Let’s Go Sailing – This Much

Yet again, I couldn’t find this song on youtube.  So, I just went with their most popular one AS USED ON GREY’S ANATOMY (swoon)!

9. Kings of Convenience – Know How

Putting aside the complete inability of the crowd to clap in beat, this is a fantastic song by a fantastic band.  I would totally date either one of them… or both… at the same time… with Feist thrown in for good measure.

10. Boards of Canada – Peacock Tail

Boards of Canada are so relaxed and yet so beautiful.  They create fantastic soundscapes to explore again and again.  There is really no tally to how many times I’ve listened to The Campfire Headphase while driving.

11. Neva Dinova – She’s a Ghost

So you can skip about the first minute of that video, but once you get to the song it’s so worth it.  Simplistic and effective.

12. Maps – To the Sky

I can’t believe this video came out in 2007.  It looks like a product of 1996.  Anyway, the cute little guitar line and the overall synth assault manages to somehow be comforting.

13. Air – Space Maker

So, this live version is not really as relaxing as the original.  Plus, I think it’s a combination of two songs.  Either way, it’s still pretty badass.

14. The Boy Least Likely To – My Tiger My Heart

A cute little song to a cute little fan made video.  Lovely.

15. Herman’s Hermits – Just a Little Bit Better

So 60s Britishness.  It kind of seems like they’re just singing/playing to the pre-recorded track.   But that doesn’t matter because they almost run over multiple women which leads to all sorts of hilarity!

16. Moomaw – October

Soooo fuckkkinnngggg coooool.

17. The Swell Season – In These Arms

It’s pretty slow, but it’s the type of song I imagine myself in my old age listening to with my feet up on a chair sitting in front of the beach and watching the sun set… except I don’t care for beaches all that much…

18. The Mountain Goats – The Mummy’s Hand

Okay, I have never found any trace of the actual “The Mummy’s Hand” song.  It’s been listened to a couple hundred times on last.fm, but it really hasn’t gained that much notoriety.  And yet, it is such a charming song.

19. Breathe Owl Breathe – Last Dance

Please excuse the girl in the audience who sings along.  Though, she does do a pretty good job.  I have listened to this song so many times.  It’s perfect.

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