Secret Pleasures #16: Unicorns

10 Mar

Yes, little girls may love them but that doesn’t make them any less cool.  Face it, unicorns kinda kick ass.

They’re been around for centuries as both the commonly recognized horned horse but also as part dragon, ass, lion, and etc.  And, no matter the culture unicorns are seen as a positive omen.  They represent luck, prosperity, chastity, and human compassion.  They, or some close derivative of, are in all the main religions; for example, it was the first “animal” God created for Adam and Eve (Christianity) and appeared to Buddha’s mother before his birth (Buddhism).  Their symbolism is almost endless.

Least us not forget the phallic symbols, too

Use your imagination



A unicorn’s horn is commonly portrayed as a thing of great wanting.  Sometimes it’s only for boasting rights but it is also believed to have great healing and magical abilities.  The saddest stories are those in which cutting off the horn kills the unicorn.  Similarly in Harry Potter, drinking a unicorn’s blood brings prosperity at the cost of the unicorn’s life.

Unicorns are just great icons.  Some people associate them with homosexuality and that is a compliment.  Think back to what unicorns stand for: luck, prosperity, chastity, and human compassion; wouldn’t you want to be associated with those great things?  (Personally, I think of the narwhal as the symbol for homosexuality before a unicorn.)

Also, there is The Unicorns the Band (now known as The Islands) with the song I Was Born a Unicorn. Pure greatness.

As a side note, the first time I watched Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers and Gandalf came riding in on Shadowfax I thought Shadowfax was a unicorn.  The excitement (and confusion) ran through me like a fat kid with cake.  Wouldn’t it be possible for unicorns to live in Middle Earth?  Sadly not…or at least Shadowfax wasn’t one.  However, whether intentional or not, when Gandalf is atop Shadowfax and holding his staff the staff looks like a horn.


You get the idea.

In summary, unicorn’s aren’t just for little girls.  Yes, little girls may love them just as much as you (I, myself, used to have several unicorn posters despite that I hate horses), but aside from their My Little Pony and Barbie social stigmas, they rock.  They’re powerful creatures in board/roll playing games, are in the bible – the BIBLE! and they’re beautiful.


My Secret Pleasure: Mystical creatures with awesome powers.



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