Ghost Sperm: Leggings

9 Mar

What happens to all of those sperm that do not make it to the egg?  I mean, come on, every sperm’s chance of being the one that makes it is very limited.  We try to root for the underdog in our society, but what about all of the undersperm?  There are millions of those little things trying to make a living.  It’s hard out there for a sperm.  So, then, all of these living things that could create a babies end up dying when only one of their brethren gets chosen.  The leftovers is a bunch of sperm with nowhere to go; the only thing they have left to do is die.  What happens to all of the sperm once they die?  These types of philosophical questions will be tackled by the new weekly web comic “Ghost Sperm.”

I was going to color this, but I forgot.  So, expect future comics to be colored.  I’m trying to imagine what the lit up inside of a vagina or testicle would be, so bear with the color palette.  This week, I tried to tackle a subject that currently garners a lot of attention.  So, I hope you enjoy.

For more on leggings check out our 1000 Things We Hate post on them.

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